The Campaign

I’ve had the Night Below box set since I was very young, and never got a chance to actually play it. All the maps, books, images, and handouts were always fascinating to me, and I love the Underdark setting. I recently got the guts to run a game, and think that my nostalgic fondess makes this a good place to start.

The campaign will be recognizable, but will be updated and overhauled for 4th edition rules. Combats will all be completely reworked to take advantage of the roles of monsters, hazards, and traps in 4th edition. In addition to the mechanical changes that are necessitated by the update to 4th edition, I’ll be making some pretty significant changes to the story details to keep the players on their toes, but I want the overall tone to remain intact.

The first game session is Sunday, February 7th!

The PCs

The party consists of:
?, Elf Druid
RJ, Elf Ranger
Drael “Rhymes with Fail”, Genasi Swordmage
?, Gnome Artificer
?, Deva Wizard

Night Below 4e